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Opening up rooms to create a flow of light and space is an idea way to improve the look and usability of rooms in your home.

Taking a wall down and installing a steel beam can change a dark and gloomy room into an inviting area with an abundance of space and light with a good flow from room to room.

Making a old fashioned dining room into an appealing open plan dining/kitchen area to entertain is a must for a lot of people and can make your kitchen a lot more pleasing place to go an cook the family dinners


Momentum Property Services ltd are a specialist in installing steel and structural alterations, we know how important it is to get this process right and we have a wealth of experience in this process.

We can provide the structural calculations for the steel, remove all debris, patch in the plasterwork and provide the decommissioning of plumbing/electrical items which may be within the wall.

We can also fit kitchens, bathrooms, fitted wardrobes and provide any of the final items you may require to complete your project so it take most of the hassle and stress out of the process.

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