How it Works

What happens once you contact Momentum Property Services ltd?

Step 1- Initial assesment

One of our team will arrange a convenient time to visit your property. We will get an idea of the project by asking a few questions, for example, Would you like an extra bedroom or storage area? etc. We will then survey the site to make sure this would be possible.


Step 2- Planning discussion

After the initial meeting to discuss the project, we can then talk about the design of the project. To complete any building project you will need a design to work to, depending on the size of the job and what is involved we may need to discuss preparing planning/building regulations drawings. At this stage we can give you a ball park figure of the project determined by m2 calculation.

Step 3- Quotation and final plans

If you decide that the ball park figure is within your budget we can then prepare your plans/drawings, this comes with a fee which can be deducted off the project should you choose to use us.

Once we have the drawings we can then compile an accurate quotation. The quotation will list out our aim for the project, what we have allowed for and an estimate of time to complete the project.

Step 4- Acceptance of contract

Acceptance of the quotation, we will agree a convenient start date, prepare and sign a contract (provided by Federation of Master Builders) and confirm a payment schedule. We would then agree a deposit to secure the start date and so we are able to purchase the materials we need to get started.

Step 5- Preparation of commencing work

We ask you to prepare your home for our arrival, if we have asked you to do anything specifically we will tell you before the project commences.


Want to get in touch?

Please contact us via the contact page for more information and to arrange a no obligation visit.

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